Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ana Bella is almost 2!!!!

These are the last few pictures I have taken of Ana Bella! Next Monday she will be 2 and will officially not be a baby anymore (well, she will always be MY baby!!). I have tons of pictures to post of our recent trip to see my mom and will have more after her birthday party!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


This year we went to Camden for Easter. Easter is my favorite holiday! I have so many memories from Easter growing up!! We had a great time!

This is what we came "home" (my dad's) to
12 chickens
We decided to "hunt" Easter eggs on Saturday
We made a little easy for Ana Bella to find her eggs!
Picking up the eggs! She did a great job!
More Easter egg hunting!
She finally got tired of hunting for Easter eggs and went on to other treasures!
Taking a break!
My dad thought it would be fun to put the grass stuff up Ana Bella's gown. She thought it was fun!
Being silly Ana Bella!
Our Easter egg dying set-up
The finished product!
Todd and Bella.....although he wants to be called Todd, I did get Ana Bella to say Papaw!!!
The Fam
The "really, are we done yet" look!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Girl After her Mommy's Heart

Sunday we decided to hit up Sonic for Happy Hour and of course get my favorite Dr. Pepper! Ana Bella just had to have a little drink...yes I occasionally let her have some Dr. Pepper! And how cute is she???
The cup is almost as big as Ana Bella!!

Taking in a few more sips!!
Getting ready to climb in her little chair, drink and all
But Mommy had other ideas (and was thirsty) enter the dramatics! Sometimes I think she should have a few Oscars on her shelf!!!

Long Time, No Blog

Ana Bella has kinda started winking, but it ends up more of a blinking, but it is cute all the same!!!

She LOVES her Daddy!! When you tell her to give you a kiss, she will lean into you and
giving her forehead or check so you can give her a kiss!!
How cute is she??? Mimzy, my mom, sent her the cute shoes!! They are the ones that squeak! They are fun for about 2 minutes and then its time to take the squeaker out! But Ana Bella loves them!

We went to the Wonder Place a few Fridays ago w/a girl from my work and her daughter! Ana Bella LOVED this area! She kept going up and down the ramps!
She also loved this little house thing and opening and closin the door...she does this at home all the time! I guess we are going to have to contact our contractor and see if he can fix us up w/one of these!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Life although wonderful, has been crazy and busy!! Life with a toddler is so much fun, but exhausting all the same!! Here are a few pictures from the past few no particular order!!

One of Ana Bella's favorites! She LOVES 101 Dalmatians!!!
The other love in her life....Milk! The girl could drink us out of house and home!
Just thought she looked so cute! want me to use this when I eat yogurt????
What happens when you let a 16 month old feed herself fruit!
Happy New Year!!
The pretty dress that the Weyrens got for her!!
Really...another picture??? This was Christmas Day night after we finally got home!! It had been a long day and she did not feel good that day!
Ana Bella's gift from Uncle Grant!! It has TinkerBell on it!!

Grandma and Ana Bella
Todd and Ana Bella on the big four wheeler!! She loves to ride it!!
Ok, on this one. let me just start by saying this is the house we grew up in, the only house my brother ever lived in! Not once, not one single time did my dad put up Christmas lights for us! But when we went home for Thanksgiving, this is what we drove up to! All for Ana Bella! And he said that this is just the beginning!!
DaDa/PaPa..she uses both for Alejandro! How sweet are they!! I love my little family!!
Just so Ana Bella could play in the leaves, my dad raked up a pile and put her in the kept her entertained for about 30 minutes!!
Just another cute can really see her upper teeth in this one!!
4 generations!
A cute picture in front of the tree!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Belle Smith

Ana Bella and Belle

The girls all tuckered out! They were gearing up for all their Aunts!!!

The Gutierrez Family (minus Robert)

Ana Bella and Uncle Junior